The first thing that comes to mind when we think of San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge. However, there is so much more to discover in this city as it has developed exponentially over the years. This city is also known as a foodie paradise.


It has some of the best food and multi-cuisine deals in the world. You can be vegan or a fresh food supplier, and San Francisco’s food experts know how to prepare the perfect meal for you in no time. Believe it or not, gourmets and gourmets even call this city a utopia because it has definitely outdone itself in terms of cuisine. If you’re looking for the best halal restaurants in San Francisco, California, keep reading because you are in the right place.

1. Old Jerusalem

Old Jerusalem restaurant

Old Jerusalem is a full halal restaurant that gives you the atmosphere of an old city. The food is prepared with care and they do everything to preserve the original taste of your home. Get finely prepared Mediterranean cuisine with dishes such as pickled beets, green olives, flatbread, spicy Turkish chili dip and much more. They work every day of the week and offer their customers excellent food at affordable prices. The aroma and dining experience makes eating more pleasant.

2. Aicha

Aicha restaurant

If you crave lamb, Aicha Morrocan will not disappoint you. This small restaurant is tastefully designed to give you Moroccan vibe, along with delicious dishes that overwhelm you with sensory sensations! Don’t forget to try the lip-smacking hummus and pita bread, one of the best dishes on the menu. Would you like to enjoy a great dinner in a cozy restaurant with live performances? Then look no further, because Aicha Morrocan has covered you.

3. Maykadeh

Maykadeh restaurant

Maykadeh is a charming Persian delight and a cute little restaurant that specializes in Middle Eastern and Central Asian cuisine. You will love the old school, not to mention the delicious offers. Due to its popularity in the region, it is recommended to reserve a table in advance, especially if you plan to dine on a weekend. The good news is that they offer valet parking at affordable prices. While it’s known for grilled kebabs and other Persian classics, don’t forget to try the lip-tasting seafood.

4. Tuba Authentic Turkish Restaurant

Tuba Authentic Turkish Restaurant

The Tuba Authentic Turkish Restaurant is a unique restaurant in San Francisco that is known for its authentic Turkish cuisine and excellent customer service. It opened in 2010 and since then the restaurant has served guests from all over San Francisco and beyond. It has also been praised for its delicious food, warm ambience and friendly service. Don’t forget to try the Turkish bread, which is made from fresh ingredients. This facility is 100% halal.

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5. Old Mandarin Islamic Restaurant

Old Mandarin Islamic Restaurant

Get the most from the Halal menu at the Old Mandarin Islamic Restaurant in the heart of San Francisco. If you want to experience good food with lip-tasting cuisine, you should try this place. This house is known for serving some of the best Chinese food and offers excellent service. It offers you delicious, high-quality cuisine made from fresh ingredients.

6. Curry Leaf

Curry Leaf restaurant

Founded in 2014, the restaurant is centrally located in San Francisco and is known for its halal and zabiha meat. They serve unique Indian and Pakistani cuisine that offers you the best of both worlds. Every time you step into these doors, you not only get an exceptional dining experience, but also delicious food. The waiters will help you choose the best food combinations to improve your meal. Would you like your dish to be customized? Do not hesitate to ask the chef.

7. Halal Wings Plus

Halal Wings Plus

If you want to eat traditional American cuisine with a certain touch, come to Halal Wings Plus. The wings, combined with the quality of homemade sauces and organic ingredients from the local community, give you the freshest taste and the joy of helping small businesses. The meat is 100% Halal and meets strict quality standards. So rest assured that your wings are tender, juicy and worth the hype.

8. Mela Tandoori Kitchen

Mela Tandoori Kitchen

Mela Tandoori Chicken is a hole in the wall restaurant that is known for its delicacies. It’s the best place for light snacks and sumptuous meals near the Golden Gate Bridge. Get the best Sub-Continental food at affordable prices. The taste is something you will remember for days. This facility is better than the others because they use fresh ingredients and follow a transparent cooking process.

9. Pakwan Restaurant

Pakwan Restaurant

The Pakwan restaurant opened in 1999 and since then they have served the East Bay with all its delicacies. They have a variety of dishes at affordable prices and offer 100% halal meat for traditional guests. Try tikka, malai boti, and fish among many other dishes on the menu. This restaurant serves you large portions with a bigger smile, so you can enjoy the ambience and the food in equal measure.

10. Ziggy’s Burger

Ziggy's Burger

How often do you visit a place where food has a passion? Ziggy’s burger is one of those places! It is a small house that has put a lot of thought and passion into creating its burger menu. Don’t worry if you are vegan or just want to eat halal meat, this restaurant offers services for everyone. People like to come here because they know the ingredients are fresh, guaranteeing you the most enjoyable dining experience.

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