Japan is known for it’s traditional, healthy (and raw) and tasty food. From sushi to ramen it can be said with certainty that the Japanese have established their own type of cuisine. But that doesn’t mean that they’re not included. Surprisingly, there is also an authentic Japanese halal kitchen. This is aimed at Muslims and other halal eaters. With the increasing number of tourists from around the world, it is good that they also offer opportunities for halal eaters. Below is the last of Halal restaurants in Tokyo:

1. Gyumon


A popular halal restaurant in Tokyo that is known to attract Muslims’ attention is Gyumon in Shibuya. High quality halal food awaits you here, as all dishes are prepared by a Muslim cook on a grill that is only used for halal cooking. All of their meat is also Halal certified. The place is also considered one of the most authentic Japanese experiences, as its smoky and intimate surroundings are compared to typical Yakiniku places.

2. Kappou Yama

Kappou Yama

Dine in style at Kappou Yama, a Japanese halal restaurant known for its gourmet halal dishes. This restaurant, certified by the Japan Halal Foundation, has been serving the Halal community for more than 30 years. They also have an entire kitchen just for halal dishes and some Muslim cooks who cook the food. To try some of their food, you need to book an appointment or order online through their website. We strongly recommend you try the halal bento to enjoy a fun and filling lunch.

3. Annam Indian Restaurant

Annam Indian Restaurant

Don’t be fooled by his name. The Annam Indian Restaurant not only serves Indian food, but also halal food. They were put together by a group of Indian chefs, but their dishes show the variety of tastes. The Annam Indian Restaurant is located in the heart of Tokyo, just a minute from Ginza train station, making it attractive and easily accessible. There’s no way you can leave Tokyo without trying one of the halal dishes.

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4. Sekai Cafe

Sekai Cafe

The Sekai Cafe has its mission from the word Sekai, which means “the world”. This beautiful and inclusive café is said to be the place where people from all over the world can eat together. No matter what dietary restrictions you have due to your religion, belief or allergy, the Sekai Café has a menu for you. They serve vegan dishes for allergy sufferers, organic dishes for those who prefer no additives, and halal meat for Muslims. The best part? They have free WiFi, a socket for every seat and English-speaking staff that is available at all times.

5. Halal Cafe & Sushi Akasaka Saryo Ouka

Halal Cafe & Sushi Akasaka Saryo Ouka

If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, head to Tokyo’s first Japanese-style halal cafe, Halal Cafe & Sushi Akasaka Saryo Ouka. This place serves quality halal sushi, Wagyu beef and Japanese sweets in the city. There is no alcohol and no animal materials as they guarantee that everything is 100% halal. It is strategically located just seven minutes from Tokyo Tameike-Sanou subway station and even has a prayer room for Muslims customers.

6. Origami Asakusa

Origami Asakusa

The special thing about origami Asakusa is that the food not only looks good (enough for pictures), but also tastes good. That and the fact that the restaurant also means that even Muslims can enjoy their authentic Japanese cuisine without worrying. They have a special kitchen for preparing halal food prepared by their Muslim staff. They also have a prayer room and a wudu facility. When you see your friends or hold meetings and events, they also have a private space for those special occasions.

7. Honolu Ebisu

Honolu Ebisu

So you like ramen but want halal? This place covered you. Visit Honolu Ebisu, one of the most popular halal ramen restaurants in Tokyo. A Muslim menu awaits you in this beautiful restaurant. They serve ramen, gyoza and even takoyaki. The hotel is only seven minutes from Ebisu train station and should be easy to spot. They also offer free WiFi connection for those who need to use the internet. Photography and sharing on social media is also allowed and welcome.

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8. Naritaya Asakusa

Naritaya Asakusa

Another notable halal ramen store is the Naritaya Asakusa. This halal certified ramen shop in Asakusa is suitable for everyone (including Muslims) to enjoy authentic ramen without worrying. At the front door of the shop you will already notice the Halal certificate as they are proud to be certified by the Japan Islamic Trust. You can order your food via the easy-to-use ticket machine. There is also a prayer room on the second floor that guests are welcome to use. Just tell the staff when you want to pray so they know when to serve your food.

9. Chinese Muslim Restaurant in Tokyo

Chinese Muslim Restaurant in Tokyo

Just three minutes’ walk from Kinshicho is the city’s first Chinese halal restaurant, the Chinese Muslim Restaurant in Tokyo. Here you can expect the highest quality of halal food, as prepared by the in-house Muslim chef. They have no pork and everything else is made from beef by a halal certified American company and a halal butcher in Saitama. They even have a small prayer room where guests can pray before or after eating. The restaurant serves alcohol but is not on the menu. Just ask the friendly staff.

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