Whether you are health-conscious or a crazy food lover who can’t resist delicious delicacies, here you get what you really need: fresh and tender food.

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Everyone has their own taste and preferences, but these are the restaurants that can satisfy every palate. Call your friends or bring your family to this paradise. Treat yourself to spicy and sizzling dishes with cold or hot drinks and enjoy the culinary experience. If you only deal with halal food, this post is for you. Here is a list of the best halal restaurants in Vancouver, Canada.

1. Dewan E Khass

Dewan E Khass

If you are looking for the best place in Vancouver where exotic food from two different countries, d. H. Pakistan and India is served, then you enter Dewan E Khass directly. It is a famous and hip place for both locals and tourists. Karahi dishes are best known here and you have to try them. Your cooks come from Pakistan. If you want halal meat, you’ve come to the right place. Visit and enjoy your meal with loved ones. It is an entertaining place to meet new people. The restaurant also offers meals for marriages, parties and anniversary celebrations.

2. Beijiang Restaurant

Beijiang Restaurant

Check out the first halal restaurant in Vancouver, BC. The restaurant offers a variety of meat dishes such as lamb, beef, chicken and seafood. All dishes are prepared in the traditional Uyghur style. Their special dapanji (chicken) and cumin lamb are the best dishes you need to order. Trust me, you will not forget the taste! It is a nice, cozy restaurant with the best quality and delicious food. Fill your stomach with healthy and delicious halal food.

3. Sofra Mediterranean Restaurant

Sofra Mediterranean Restaurant

The Sofra Mediterranean Restaurant offers you the best Eastern Mediterranean cuisine in Vancouver. There are a number of meat and vegetable dishes that you have to try here. It follows the Halal tradition and serves you with love and pride. One of the special items on the menu is the beef and onion tart with egg and pomegranate sauce. They use locally grown and finest ingredients in their halal dishes.

4. Einstein Wrap House

Einstein Wrap House

Einstein Wrap House belongs to a couple who treat their customers like family members. Try some of the most amazing dishes here, including halal chicken platters, chicken salad, crabs, and so on. As soon as you enter the house, you will never forget the hospitality of the place. It is one of the most authentic restaurants in the city and the service is also very quick. It has a nice ambience and is a great place to have delicious food.

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5. Tandoori Oven

Tandoori Oven Restaurant

Your guess is absolutely correct! The Tandoori Oven Restaurant is known for its tandoori dishes. You feel at home. The food is rich in flavors. The portions are perfect and spicy. It serves all kinds of halal food. Most of the people here order Tandoori Naan with curries that are their specialty. The menu is quite extensive, ranging from chicken, lamb to goat dishes. Almost everything is available here.

6. Karakoram


Enter the cozy atmosphere of the Karakoram restaurant, where great halal food is served. Here you can get the best quality food. They don’t compromise on the taste of the meals they prepare. At the weekend you get the best chicken biryani, peshawari karahi, lamb karahi, tandoori chicken and halwa puri as a special dish at the buffet.

7. Al Basha

Al Basha

Al Basha will be your favorite halal restaurant! After all, this is a gem of the region that offers few tables, a low price, but delicious halal food and excellent service. Many customers choose falafel / chicken wrap, flavorful chicken, and chicken shwarma wrap. Enjoy your meals and share them with your friends and family. Visit the restaurant with friends, eat delicious food and enjoy sporting events on TV. Your tender dishes will fully satisfy your hunger and the price is pretty reasonable too. The entertaining and joyful environment of the place is something you will not get anywhere.

8. Koala Kebabs

Koala Kebabs

Make sure you add koala kebabs to your visit list. It is one of the best places to eat halal food in Vancouver. They serve the best kebabs in town. You will be amazed by the variety of available rubbers. Get the delicious, tasty kebabs with a smile on your face and make your belly happy. Get fresh and flavorful falafel and spicy garlic sauce. It’s a small shop, but a real gem for every foodie. It is definitely worth a visit and has a fair price, making it the best restaurant in a city like Vancouver.

9. Tamam


Tamam offers the best Palestinian cuisine in the city. They strive to serve their guests fresh food. It makes it one of the healthiest restaurants in Vancouver where you can enjoy both halal and a vegan menu. Tamam only uses olive oil to prepare his dishes. Tamam’s extensive menu ranges from vegan humus salad to a range of vegan dishes to halal meat such as roasted lamb dishes and a variety of lamb shank dishes. You should check them out! They even take online orders and deliver groceries to your door.

10. Cazba


If you are a big fan of Iranian dishes, Cazba is for you. Most dishes are prepared with herbs, vegetables, rice and halal meat such as lamb, chicken or fish. The frequent use of fresh green herbs and vegetables in food makes eating a healthy choice for everyone. They use authentic, natural, organic and local ingredients to prepare their food, which takes their menu to a whole new level.

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