Washington DC is full of diversity. Art galleries, museums, performing arts, retail, restaurants and cafes, hotels are just a few of the features that highlight the many possibilities that are available. It is a big metropolis of hospitality. Unknown to many when you stroll the streets around the U.S. capital and come across great places with halal restaurants. These restaurants offer a first class selection of dishes. Curious where they are? Read on to discover some of the best Halal restaurants in Washington DC.


1. Sakina Halal Grill

Sakina Halal Grill

The Sakina Halal Grill offers a unique taste of Pakistani and Indian delicacies. Pakistani and Indian chefs have been employed to ensure that the restaurant achieves its goal of offering rich, authentic traditional cuisine. The restaurant serves fresh, high-quality dishes, including fresh halal meat. The best dishes on the menu are chicken tikka masala, chicken karhai, lamb karhai, boneless chicken kebabs, and even the chef’s special dishes.

2. DCG – District Chicken & Gyro

DCG - District Chicken & Gyro

Although DCG is new to the game, it is already proving to be a popular meeting place for halal food. Food in Georgetown is as authentic as it gets. The menu includes tasty and incomparable dishes such as gyro meat, chicken, beef, felafel and much more. The latest Halal fast-casual restaurant offers its customers a unique dining experience.

3. Simply Banh Mi

Simply Banh Mi

Simply Banh Mi offers delicious Vietnamese food, including tasty sandwiches, also known as Banh Mi, salads, rice bowls, vermicelli, and Vietnamese noodle soups. The simple but elegant restaurant is the perfect choice for great Vietnamese delights that offer a variety of fresh foods, including the halal menu.

4. The Halal Guys

The Halal Guys

The Halal Guys offer a unique mix of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. Known as a pioneer of American halal cuisine, the restaurant lives up to its responsibilities very well and this can be seen in the high quality and delicious food. The menu options are full of flavor and aroma, and meals include pristine premium quality Halal meat that’s perfectly seasoned. The sandwiches, plates, side dishes and desserts make you want more!

5. Moby Dick House of Kabob

Moby Dick House of Kabob

The Moby Dick House of Kabob is an elegant restaurant whose sole aim is to prepare the food you love and desire. Just right! Get a taste of a variety of dishes, including Persian cuisine and famous kebab selections. The chefs have set themselves the task of preparing delicious dishes with fresh products and ingredients of very high quality. The menu includes starters, lunch specialties, starters, drinks and family platters. You will not be disappointed!

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6. Ottoman Tavern

Ottoman Tavern

The Ottoman Taverna is the best choice for authentic Turkish delicacies in a relaxed atmosphere. You can’t go wrong with this crowd-pleaser with its classic, hearty and affordable Ottoman cuisine served in very generous portions. The interior is beautifully designed and contributes to the aesthetic design of the restaurant. The tasty meals are out of this world, a bite is all you need to get addicted.

7. Lebanese Tavern

Lebanese Tavern

Let us distract you a bit from the Mediterranean with a visit to the Lebanese tavern, a restaurant with character and elegance. The Lebanese tavern offers the most delicious traditional Lebanese cuisine and appetizers in DC. The casual restaurant offers a great balance of flavors in its high quality dishes at affordable prices. The menu offers a wide selection, including stuffed vine leaves, chicken samosas, lamb and refreshments. Try the chef’s plate!

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8. Busboys and Poets

Busboys and Poets Washington, DC

You will get a unique culinary experience in the Busboys and Poets restaurant with bookstore. A place where you can discuss and think about social aspects of life or read your favorite book while taking a bite out of your favorite dish. The atmosphere is breathtaking, while the decor highlights pieces of American history. Halal dishes are on the menu. Try a difference in their meals, which also offer organic options.

9. New Dynasty

New Dynasty

Visit the New Dynasty, the Chinese halal restaurant that serves delicious Asian cuisine made from high quality and freshly picked ingredients. The New Dynasty is known for its unique blend of Chinese and modern culinary techniques in different dishes. Whether you invite for dinner or take away, the New Dynasty offers you great service and a unique Chinese dining experience.

10. Salt & Pepper Grill

Salt & Pepper Grill

Salt & Pepper Grill offers you delicious Sub Continental dishes. Located on Georgia Avenue, this restaurant spoils you with a delicious menu of drinks, lamb and chicken specialties, seafood and vegetarian dishes. It is also known for serving fresh, high quality food. In this elegant restaurant you get generous, tasty portions with excellent service. Experience an unforgettable culinary experience in the Salt & Pepper Grill.

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