Top Public Transport in Birmingham, United Kingdom


Getting around Birmingham and the surrounding area is easy thanks to the fantastic public transport network, including buses, trams and trains. Despite being such a well-connected city, walking or biking around Birmingham is often just as popular, as there is a lot to see and enjoy along the way.

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1. Train


Birmingham is at the heart of the UK rail network and a transport hub for people traveling across the UK. Birmingham New Street station alone has a capacity of 52 million passengers per year. Birmingham train stations also offer quick access to Birmingham International – the stop at Birmingham Airport station – for anyone wishing to get to and from Birmingham.

2. Cycling


The Birmingham Cycle Revolution team has selected their favorite urban cycling routes with no traffic for all ages and abilities. Many of the paths and routes chosen have recently benefited from improvements and developments made through the Birmingham Cycle Revolution project, and there are more to come!

3. TOA Taxis


Birmingham TOA has links to similar organizations across Britain, including Glasgow and London, with which it shares good practices, business ideas – and anecdotes like that of Tommy Cooper promising a drink after his trip, and then passing him a tea bag with the price! Other famous TOA clients include Peter Ustinov, UB40, many politicians and BBC Pebble Mill celebrities.


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