In Hong Kong, there is always a luxurious way to get around. You can do it all by chartering a superyacht or taking a helicopter tour of the harbor. But some of the best attractions in the city are real bargains that show the hidden corners and famous landmarks of the city. Buy an Octopus card – it’s the local version of the London Oyster card – and embark on a series of unforgettable trips by public transport across Hong Kong.

1. MTR


The Mass Transit Railway is the name of the Hong Kong railway system comprising underground, land and light rail services (slower tram type). Known worldwide as “MTR”, it is clean, fast and safe, and transports around four million people a day.

It costs only a little more than bus travel (fares from HK $ 4 to HK $ 25) and is the fastest way to get to most destinations in Hong Kong.

2. Train


There are about 90 stations on nine underground and land lines, and a light rail network that covers the northwest of the new territories. Smoking, eating and drinking are not allowed at MTR stations or on trains, and violators are liable to a fine of HK $ 5,000.

3. Light Rail Lines

light rail

The MTR light rail system is much like a modern, air-conditioned version of Hong Kong’s trams, but it is much faster. It runs in the northwest of the new territories

4. Minibus

mini bus

The minibuses are vans with a maximum of 19 seats. They come in two varieties: red and green.

Green minibuses (HK $ 4 to HK $ 24) Cream in color with a green roof or strip; they make designated stops and operate fixed fares, much like regular buses. You must put the exact price in the cash register when you enter or you can use your Octopus card. Two useful routes are 6 (HK $ 6.60) from Hankow Rd to Tsim Sha Tsui in Tsim Sha Tsui East and Hung Hom station in Kowloon, and 1 (HK $ 10.20) to Victoria Peak next to the Hong Kong station.

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