Getting to London from Oxford and back is very stress-free. The X5 service from Stagecoach to Cambridge, via Bicester and Milton Keynes, is reliable if it is a bit slow.

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Here are the some public transport that you can avail during your visit in Oxford:

1. Buses


Oxford has the UK’s first integrated transport system outside London! The convenient SmartCard allows you to use buses from any operator in the Oxford area (including Kidlington, Cumnor, Kennington, Garsington and Wheatley). And you are allowed to lend your SmartCard to someone else when you are not using it. Unlike London, you can still pay cash on all Oxford buses, but these days you can also use contactless.

2. Trains


Oxford recently got a brilliant new station out of town! Apparently, this is the first new link to link a major British city to London in over 100 years. There are now two trains per hour connecting Oxford Parkway to London Marylebone, each with wifi and power outlets. Also stops at Bicester Village, where announcements are in English, Mandarin and Arabic.

3. Bikes


Oxford is now the proud host of a single Boris Donkey Bikes-style bike system and many application-based dockless bike systems.

4. A1 Taxis


A1 taxis got off to a flying start. Unlike some companies, we have a 24 hour phone line, so there will always be someone more than happy to help with any requests or reservations you may have.

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