When it comes to getting around Kuala Lumpur, travelers have several options for getting around. Whether by train or taxi, transportation in the city is relatively hassle free.

Here are some transportation suggestions for getting around Kuala Lumpur.



With the current completion of the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), more parts of KL are now connected by rail. Besides the MRT, other rail services include Light Rail Transit (LRT), monorail and KTM Komuter.

City trains pass through iconic attractions such as KLCC, the Central Market and Muzium Negara. If you are on a long visit, consider purchasing the Touch ‘N’ Go card or weekly passes for cheaper rates. The card can be recycled on all trains, as well as on RapidKL buses.



Traveling by bus in the city is a usually comfortable experience these days. Most of them are fully air conditioned and provide access to popular tourist attractions as well as picturesque neighborhoods. Look for the free Go KL purple buses in the central business district, which runs along popular landmarks and famous shopping districts. You can also travel further on RapidKL buses.

Go KL City Bus is a free bus service to downtown Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



Taxi is probably one of the most suitable ways to travel from one place to another in KL. Always insist on the use of the meter – don’t be fooled by a price.

According to the Land Transport Commission, regular budget taxis (usually painted in red and white or red and blue) charge 3 RM3 for the first three minutes. The distance or subsequent time is charged at 0.25 RM every 200 m or 36 seconds.

Blue taxis (Teksi Eksekutif) and golden taxis (Teks1M) are better suited for large groups, but they charge higher fees.


self driverKL is a big city and having a car would allow travelers to easily get to surrounding townships such as Petaling Jaya or Shah Alam in Selangor. There are many car rental options available online or at the airport. Driving in the city is generally safe. You may want to avoid rush hour, but when traffic congestion can make you go back an hour on average.

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Ride Hailing

ride hailingMalaysia actually has a few ride options, with Grab being one of the most popular options among locals. Using the service is as simple as downloading an application. The downside is that you would need mobile or WiFi data to operate the service. But that shouldn’t be a problem as more and more people are online while traveling these days.

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