When traveling in a country, tourists do not take into account only tourist places. Shopping is one of the most essential parts of the travel experience for many people. Some want to buy gifts and others just like shopping. Therefore, shopping malls are another aspect that determines the destination of the trip. Besides its breathtaking architecture, historic sites and beautiful parks, Baku has incredible shopping centers that will make each trip even more entertaining. In addition, shopping malls are the place not only for stores, but also provide a myriad of restaurants and many other entertainment facilities.

1. 28 Mall


28 Mall, which is located right next to the May 28 metro station of Baku metro. It is considered one of the popular meeting places among tourists. Compared to other malls, 28 Mall is smaller. However, it contains the same facilities, but in a narrow range.

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2. Ganjlik Mall

Ganjlik Mall

The Ganjlik shopping center is considered to be the largest shopping center in the city. It is located right next to Ganjlik metro station of Baku metro. There is also a direct metro entrance to the mall. The Ganjlik shopping center offers a wider range of brands for shopping, as well as numerous restaurants and entertainment facilities such as cinema, bowling alley and children’s playground.

3. Port Baku Mall

Port Baku Mall

Unlike other shopping centers, the Port Baku shopping center refers to premium customers and offers luxury brands and restaurants. However, it is also possible to find brands for the middle class. In addition, the location of the Port a Baku shopping center is considered one of the city’s luxury sites and it is possible to find the shops of Ferrari, Porsche and many other luxury cars nearby.

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