Budapest is full of chic retail stores, huge shopping malls and bustling markets. You can find the best luxury brands, and at the same time, do some flea shopping too. But is shopping in Budapest really that simple? You will be inundated with choices and you must know where to go.


From clothes, clothes, crafts, sweet treats, famous thread, to souvenirs and tourist trinkets, Budapest has everything for everyone. So why not save yourself the hassle of hours of research and simply plan a shopping spree with our specially organized list of the best shopping avenues in Budapest?

1. Central Market, Vasarcsarnok

Central Market, Vasarcsarnok

The market is a magnificent renaissance of local vendors selling things that are a vital component of Hungarian culture. The first level has suppliers of surplus meat products, while you can also get instant traditional cuisine on the second level. You can get your hands on trinkets, crafts and Hungarian souvenirs. It’s more like a real shopping street in Budapest.

2. Second Chance

Second Chance

Get quality labels at disposable prices! There is nothing better than grabbing your favorite labels at the prices you want. Someone’s trash can be your potential treasure after all. Someone just decided to give their clothes a second chance by giving them away. It is your wish, whether you wish to obtain them at a third of the original price, with quality as new or not. Shopping for second-hand clothes in Budapest simply says – long live reincarnation!

3. Szputnyik Shop

Szputnyik Shop

“The fashion of the past, the style of the future” is what this store describes itself as. Sounds more like a play on words, but it’s true indeed. The garments are labeled for vintage and “self-designed” as “used” and “new”. They are reasonably priced and offer breathable and portable fashion. If you have a unique style, you need to check the location. Cheap shopping in Budapest has a whole new meaning!

4. Retrock


It is one of those Budapest boutiques where you get everything to suit your whims and desires. Whether you want to dress in vintage classics or buy new designer rock threads, there are all of them. Just choose what you like and get the most out of your shopping in Budapest.

5. Sugar


Sweet paradise and Hungarian Willy Wonka welcome you! It is a designer confectionery with all the different kinds of ice cream, pies, cakes and sweets you can dream of. Different thematic months are also organized by them, such as French, American and even Hungarian. You wouldn’t want to miss buying a Statue of Liberty cupcake or an Eiffel Tower either! It is also close to tram 4-6.

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6. Mammut


Divided into Mammut I and II, the mega shopping center has 300 stores. Shopping in Budapest just can’t get better! On the second floor, a glass corridor connects the two buildings. It offers many shopping possibilities, a cinema, a bowling alley, restaurants and a food court. In short, if you need something, you will find it in this Budapest shopping center.

7. 1001fonal


Every crocheter and knitter in town knows 1001fonal. It is one of the top 3 shopping areas in Budapest, if you are looking for some yarn. They also have needles, hooks and a selection of other knitting supplies.

8. Lollipop Factory Budapest

Lollipop Factory Budapest

Hungarian designer clothes are sold in this growing chain of stores. If you are looking for an answer to “Where to buy shiny fabrics in Budapest”, the answer is Lollipop Factory. Why not go directly to artists instead of giving money to fast fashion retailers? The black and white interiors perfectly complement the colorful clothes.

9. Kepesbolt


Near a conventional stationery store, if you’re looking for reasonably priced souvenirs, this should be your stop. Card games, note pads, calendars, posters and greeting cards with Hungarian images can be easily found here. You can easily choose affordable souvenirs for your friends and family.

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10. Toys Anno

Toys Anno

Take a look into Hungary’s childhood and get your hands on gifts for children and adults! When you are here, you can also buy chic souvenirs and cute decorative items for your home as well as for your friends and family.

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