Manchester is an upscale shopping destination and tourists from all over the world visit Manchester for shopping here. Composed of some of the best stores, huge indoor malls and department stores that have everything you could want to shop for. We give you an insider’s guide to mixing a place for shopping in Manchester including high-end stores, independent stores and basement outlets in a perfect way to make the city a destination essential for everyone.


Manchester is a world famous shopping destination. Here you’ll find everything from good shopping streets to stores, upscale stores to Bargain Basement outlets. For a beginner, it is very difficult to determine where to go for their type of shopping, so we thought about it and compiled a list of the best shopping destinations after analyzing and reading reviews to suit all kinds of customers and their variations of purchasing needs.

1. The Trafford Centre

. The Trafford Centre

The stores of the Trafford Center offer high-end brands preferred by everyone around the world. Designed as a sort of majestic building from the past, this place makes you feel royal. Having fountains, faux marble columns, a classic style sculpture and even free parking, this is a different place to stay. Almost like being transported into history, everything here seems straight out of Victorian Britain.

2. Exchange Square Fashion

Exchange Square Fashion

The redevelopments after the tragic IRA Bombings in 1996 has changed the whole face of the Exchange Square and converting it into a premium shopping destination in Manchester. Many grand and popularly known shopping center and malls have started to open in this part of the city. The place now is one of the most popular high-end shopping destination in the whole of Manchester.

3. Manchester Arndale

Manchester Arndale

Manchester Arndale is Manchester’s largest indoor shopping center. With more than 240 retail stores ranging from high-end street names like Apple, Marks and Spencer’s, River Island to small, homogenous local brands, every type of store is present here. Enjoy an entire evening of shopping and fulfill all your shopping fantasies under one roof. There is a common saying among the people of Arndale: “Think of shopping in Manchester, think of Arndale”.

4. The Northern Quarter

. The Northern Quarter

After being associated with creativity and fashion for a long time, the northern district is a trendy district filled with some of the most artistic and unusual shops selling top-notch creative and artistic stuff. The area is full if the bohemian feels and slowly becomes a home of international artists and designers known for their unique works of art. This place is a crossroads of fashion studios and art galleries. The North Quarter is known to be a perfect counter-current to the high-end fashion streets of Manchester.

5. Afflecks Palace

Afflecks Palace

Located on the famous Church Street, Afflecks Palace has a flea market warehouse atmosphere. Affleck Palace is a paradise for street fashion lovers. Each floor of the building is full of shops offering everything from vintage clothing to Monster style to slogan t-shirts. Mainly filled with young people who are trying to become entrepreneurs, this place offers superb negotiable products and is a unique destination for those looking for “value for money” in their purchases.

6. The Barton Arcade

The Barton Arcade

Located on the square of the same name, Barton Arcade is a building that appeals both – historically and architecturally. Built in 1870, this place is a grade II listed building which has been restored and renovated to house this shopping gallery. The Barton Arcade is made up of 15 exclusive and independent stores that cater to both male and female fashion, clothing, shoes, jewelry and much more. It is known to be one of the best places for those looking for demanding shopping.

7. New Cathedral Street Market

New Cathedral Street Market

New Cathedral Street with King Street and Market Street is known as the premium destination for high-end shopping throughout Manchester. Having a presence of famous brands like Marks and Spencer’s, this place gives you a traditional high-end shopping experience. But this place is home not only to high-end chain stores, but also to many independent and homogenous brands of high-end studios, stores, and designer boutiques.

8. The Triangle Shopping Center

The Triangle Shopping Center

The Triangle Shopping Center is a shopping location conveniently located in the center of Manchester, close to the Millennium Gardens. Located in a historic building that once served as the Corn Exchange, there are several floors of high-end brand name stores and independent stores selling health and fitness products, jewelry, clothing, shoes, and other designer boutique products.

9. Marketplace Shopping Center

Marketplace Shopping Center

The Marketplace Shopping Center is a striking mix of high-end chain stores and independent stores. Located inside the now restored Victorian vaults, this place is famous for all kinds of customers and revelers.

10. The Lowry Outlet Mall

The Lowry Outlet Mall

One of the shopping malls for sales buyers, the Lowry Outlet Mall houses 85 stores spread over 2 floors. With around 60% off various designer stores throughout the year, this place is a must-see shopping destination for all shopaholics.

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