The capital of Cambodia is a mixture of sites and experiences that will captivate your senses and surprise you. Beside the dark and shocking reminders of war, there are dazzling architectural marvels, such as the Royal Palace with its sparkling silver pagoda and the charming national museum. The charming cafes of the city, its lively bars and its impressive range of international dishes complete the experience. Those looking for the pleasure of shopping in Phnom Penh will be pleasantly surprised by the interesting options, including the magnificent central dome-shaped market. Let’s explore the countless retail therapy centers for the best shopping in the city of Phnom Penh.

1. Central Market

Central Market

This is not just one of the top places for shopping in Phnom Penh but also a city landmark with its impressive star-shaped art deco building dating back to 1937. Under the striking golden central dome are numerous stands selling jewellery, watches & gold/silver ornaments. As you explore the labyrinthine isles you can find everything from Buddha statues, Angkor Wat paintings, clothes, shoes, electronics and souvenirs. Shopping in Phnom Penh central market is one experience you shouldn’t miss out on when in the city.

2. Russian Market

Russian Market

This interesting market is quite popular with tourists, expats as well as the locals and is a nice place to pick up knick-knacks and experience the true flavour of shopping in Phnom Penh. Though haggling is prevalent and you must come armed with your best bargaining skills, the vendors are quite friendly to deal with. From Cambodian scarves & souvenirs to handicrafts, clothes, toys, jewellery and even motorcycle parts, this Alladin’s cave has it all to keep you hooked! The market is also a great place to relish local street food like Khmer noodle soup et al.

3. AEON Mall


One of Phnom Penh’s first shopping centers, the Aeon shopping center is spacious and welcoming with its wide range of brand name stores, food outlets, ice rink and even an iMax. This unique destination allows you to leave the kids at Kids Park where they can enjoy the rides and slides while you indulge in retail therapy. From designer clothes to shoes, bags, books, electronics and computer supplies, everything is there for you to browse and shop. The Aeon Mall in Phnom Penh also has a nice selection of food stores and cafes for a refreshing break.

4. Street 240

Street 240

If you are looking for a memorable and unique shopping experience in Phnom Penh, this quiet and charming shopping street just behind the Royal Palace is the place to be. There are independent boutiques like Wanderlust and unique jewelry nooks like Water Lily that sell unique pieces that will steal your heart. You will also come across quaint cafes and magnificent souvenir shops tucked away in colonial bungalows. This pretty street also has textile stores selling local weavings, charming bookstores and stores owned by charities and NGOs promoting local artisans at a fair price.

5. Night Market

Night Market

The night market is one of the coolest places to shop in Phnom Penh in the evening, with a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of options for sampling street food. Concerts and theatrical performances on the central stage added to the vibrant atmosphere. You can buy souvenirs, Buddha statues, fake watches, wallets and clothes while devouring interesting street food like fish dumplings, delicious coconut ice cream, fresh barbecue, shakes, etc

6. Rajana Crafts

Rajana Crafts

This charming craft store comes as a breath of fresh air after visiting the city’s bustling markets selling almost similar souvenirs, clothes and knick-knacks. Rajana Crafts is undoubtedly one of the best places for shopping in Cambodia, if you are looking for unique handicrafts and collectibles to take home. The store has a beautiful and unusual collection of wall hangings, jewelry, metal items and bamboo products. With its fair wages policy for artisans, it is a shopping destination to visit and support.

7. Sorya Centre Point

Sorya Centre Point

Located close to the iconic central market, Sorya is a great place for upscale and inexpensive shopping in Phnom Penh. There are brand stores as well as various clothing and shoe stores selling quality products at reasonable prices. The children’s play area on the third floor is a wonderful place for them to spend a few fun hours while shopping at your leisure. There is a Made in Cambodia section for local arts and crafts, while the food court on top is fantastic for a bite to eat.

8. DAH Exports


One of the best places to buy designer clothes in Phnom Penh at reasonable prices, DAH Exports is the largest factory outlet in the city. With a good selection of designer designer clothing for the whole family, you can expect to enjoy great deals on top brands like Ralph Lauren, DKNY, North Face and Burberry. While men’s clothing is on the ground floor, women’s and children’s clothing is on the upper level.

9. Watthan Artisans

Watthan Artisans

This cooperative of disabled Cambodian artists is a great place to shop in Phnom Penh if you are looking to buy beautiful handcrafted souvenirs, finely carved wooden pieces, designer bags and clothing. They stock amazing dresses with beautiful designs, which can also be quickly changed for your size and fit. You can also visit the woodworking and weaving workshops. The whole collection is magnificent, the prices are fair and it supports a great social cause, so you must visit this unique store.

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