Torkham border will temporarily open for stranded Pakistanis, as agreed between government of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Officials in Torkham said a joint meeting of Pakistani and Afghan officials, attended by Pakistani forces, Deputy Commissioner Khyber Senator Taj Muhammad, elder Elk Malik Darya Khan, and senior Afghan forces decided to return Pakistani nationals captured on Saturday. April 18 and Tuesday, April 21.

In addition, Afghan Tableeghi workers who were quarantined in Landi Kotal would be handed over to Afghan officials on Friday (today). The official said that according to the list of the Pakistani Consul General in Jalalabad, about 500 Pakistani citizens captured had been registered with the Pakistani Consulate in Jalalabad. In the meantime, 300 Pakistanis were registered with the Pakistani embassy in Kabul. In the first phase, at least 500 stranded Pakistanis are likely to cross the border on the other side of Torkham and Jalalabad. Afghan border guards said they would help Pakistani passengers as much as possible.

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