The transparent mosque is part of an art project called “Paradise Has Many Gates”. This mosque is located in Saudi Arabia. And it’s so beautiful!

“Paradise Has Many Gates” is a project by Ajlan Gharem who belongs to Saudi Arabia, his artistic project has a beautiful idea behind his idiosyncratic art.

The mosque is made of laminated steel, plexiglass, aluminum and electric lamps. The artist used the same equipment that is used to prevent refugees from entering Europe as well as at the United States military prison at Guantanamo Bay. It was the idea that really rocked people and received much praise for his contribution to art.

This mosque was transported to Vanier Park in Vancoucer for people to look at the beautiful art where it will be kept for two years. And after he finishes his time, he will come back to Saudi Arabia or could go somewhere else so that more people can see.

Transparent Mosque, A Beautiful View With A Beautiful Idea Behind It

Ajlan Gharem has received much praise for such a wonderful contribution in the field of art with the kind of art that was not expected. This idea is indeed off the beaten track.

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Even the people who came to see this art were amazed at how Ajlan Gharem gave a strong message in a very simple way. This art can be seen from different perspectives that depend on the thinking of the person.

Worship is always linked to peace, the mosque made by the same elements used to arrest or oppress Muslims is a nice way to say how peaceful Muslims are. And it is indeed something to see

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