According to a new analysis by leading data, intelligence, and consulting firm, which uses its advanced artificial intelligence (AI) toolkit, travel is the most discussed topic on social media.

With the escalation of the corona virus pandemic, many of us have started to live in a new reality that requires social distancing, self-isolation, and increased trust in online platforms to stay connected. Perhaps more than ever, people’s social media interactions reflect the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors created by the uncertainty and volatility of this global health crisis.

To take advantage of the current collective mindset of people from all over the world, agency’s AI engine analyzed over 89 million social media posts and ended up with a filtered sample selection of 378,000. Sample contributions came from Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the USA and Great Britain.

Interestingly, the topic “Travel and Mobility” turned out to be the most discussed category overall with 31,466 jobs at a time when there was almost no travel and was far above the second place “Personal Care” with 8,401 jobs.

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