When it comes to keeping streets and neighborhoods clean, cities across India have a pretty bad reputation. Some people are incorrigible, no awareness campaigns, pressure-sensitive adhesives, and posters are enough to change their habits.

Sometimes drastic measures are the only way out. In this case, the Secretary-General of the Kodagu Tourism Association has set the bar high for people to understand the consequences of public garbage.

As reported by local Indian media, Madetira Thimmaiah, general secretary of the Kodagu Tourism Association, saw the litter on their way home on Friday, October 30th at around 2:15 pm.

After seeing rubbish on the street again, he felt that his efforts to clear the area were gone for a litter. It should be noted here that Madetira cleaned the area on Wednesday with the help of members of the Kadagadalu Gramm Panchayat.

While rummaging through the rubbish heap, the Secretary-General found the phone numbers of the travelers who threw the pizza boxes. He asked her to come back and pick up the garbage from the street.

A social media campaign was launched and the duo was embarrassed after receiving calls about the trash they threw on the street.

Madikeri is part of the Kodagu District. Popularly known as Coorg, this district is a famous tourist spot in the state of Karnataka. Many travelers from all over the country visit Coorg for its beautiful hills. The area is covered with coffee settlements and cardamom gardens.

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