Tunisian Becomes The First Woman to Reach Mecca on a Bicycle


    A Tunisian girl grew up to become the main girl to reach the holy metropolis of Mecca by bicycle. The owner of the bike, Sara Haba, traveled to Saudi Arabia and made the pilgrimage from her country of residence, Tunisia, in 53 days. Haba traveled through the desert to Egypt and Sudan for weeks, mostly on her own, and documented her trip using the hashtag #cyclingtomecca. Haba named his bike Merzouga, which can be roughly translated as “grace with blessing” in North African Arabic.

    Tunisian Becomes The First Woman to Reach Mecca on a Bicycle

    “Before, I was afraid of being arrested at any level. I didn’t know if my physique would conform to my will and be content with everything I imposed on it,” she wrote on Instagram.

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    Haba was worried that she would not be allowed to enter the sacred metropolis while traveling alone, but she did not let the worry dissipate it. Below Saudi law, any girl under the age of 45 who wishes to support the non-secular hajj pilgrimage to Mecca wants a visa and should travel with a mahram – a male “guardian” who is generally believed to be a blood relation. Although she did not specify that she was doing hajj, going alone nevertheless introduced a problem within the religiously conservative nation. “In Saudi Arabia, the place where the gap and the problem were really minimal compared to what I went through, I used to be tense before arriving in Mecca, because I do not didn’t really know if i could be allowed into town, by bike.

    Tunisian Becomes The First Woman to Reach Mecca on a Bicycle

    The physically demanding road had his long distance bike up to eight hours a day, and he or she had no group with it, so when his bike broke down in the desert, she had to restore it by her -even. Although Sara traveled alone, when her story went viral online, many people met her during her trip. After 16 days on the street, she arrived in Port Sudan, where she met a girl who had traveled 200 km to see her.

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