Turkish Airlines will discontinue all international flights on March 27, except for flights to Hong Kong, Moscow, Ethiopia, New York and Washington, DC. The sector’s momentum is changing due to the impact of the new coronavirus outbreak, the head of the agency, İlker Aycı, said Sunday.

According to Aycı, the airline operates flights between these five destinations to enable transfer flights worldwide.

The airline cannot use 85% of its capacity because Turkey has already stopped flights to and from different countries to curb the spread of the virus, while other nations have also closed their airspace to avoid risks.

Because of these precautions, the airline cannot operate flights to 107 countries. Turkey has suspended flights to more than 60 countries.

The number of people infected with COVID-19 in Turkey has risen to 947 and the death toll has risen to 21, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said late Saturday.

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Elderly citizens, namely those over the age of 65, are not allowed to fly with Turkish Airlines because seniors are more susceptible to COVID-19, as Aycı previously announced. The free travel of these citizens is also prohibited nationwide.

Ayci also noted that the airline had begun converting passenger flights into cargo flights to run its business or at least minimize the damage.

Those who bought tickets before March 20 can change the tickets until the end of the year, Aycı said, adding that there are no additional fees for ticket changes.

He added that the company will grant a 15% bonus instead of returning to those who postpone their tickets, and will receive 1,000 bonus miles per $ 10 ($ 10.76) ticket price, he said.

Ayci spoke about the company’s general employee policy and said Turkish Airlines had no intention of firing anyone.

“There can be an agreement on wages,” he said, adding that if we did, we would make the biggest cut in the top levels. ”

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