Two passengers, on different flights were asked to leave the plane for not wearing masks. Both the incidents happened in Japan.

One incident occurred on Saturday involving a flight operated by the Hokkaido Air System Company from Hakodate to Okushiri Island, both of which are in the northern Hokkaido province of Japan. According to Matsuhiro Ohta, a public relations officer for Hokkaido Air System Company, a subsidiary of Japan Airlines, a man who was not wearing a mask was ordered off the plane by the captain and delayed the flight by half an hour.

Ohta said it appeared that the problem was due to misunderstanding. The passenger claimed after being forced off the flight that he developed a rash while wearing the masks. However, Ohta said the passenger was stubborn and non-cooperative and his refusal to wear a mask was only part of the reason he was not allowed to fly.

The other incident occurred on September 7th. A Peach Aviation flight from the city of Kushiro in northern Japan to Osaka had to make what is known as an “unscheduled stopover” after a passenger refused to put on a mask despite repeated requests from the crew. Peach Aviation told news agency that the flight was forced to land due to the passenger’s unruly behavior and that the company is not ruling out legal action against the person.

Public health experts say masks are some of the most important tools in the global fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, which to date has infected nearly 30 million people around the world.

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