With Dubai and Abu Dhabi among the top 10 global travel destinations for people traveling overseas for medical treatment, the GCC has secured the title of “Medical Tourism Capital of the World,” with the UAE ranking number 1 in the Gulf in accordance to one new global report ranking.

The latest medical tourism index for 2020-2021 ranked ninth worldwide in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Among the Gulf States, Oman ranks and number 2 followed by Bahrain, according to the Medical Tourism Association. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait took fourth and sixth place.

With all member countries listed on the Index of Leading Destinations for Treatment, the GCC medical tourism market, which is projected to exceed USD 28 billion in next 5 years, has claimed the position as the medical tourism capital of the world.

Overall, Canada has taken the crown as number 1 for medical tourism in the index developed by the International Healthcare Research Center based on American perception of medical care in 46 locations abroad. The USA followed Singapore, Japan, Spain, Great Britain, Dubai, Costa Rica, Israel, Abu Dhabi and India in the top 10.

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