There are only a handful of countries in the world that are blessed with as much natural beauty as Pakistan. There is a little corner of paradise on earth in every corner of our beautiful homeland which makes it a paradise for travelers. Fortunately, the world has also begun to recognize the unfiltered beauty of the country.

Recently, Pakistan was named the world’s top tourist destination by CN Traveler and among the top 10 under-the-radar travel destinations in the world by Forbes.
That said, it is often noticed that the regions that get the most love among all the Pakistani tourist attractions are the northern regions. Every year, around the summer holidays, thousands of people flock to the KP and the Kashmir region and take advantage of the magnificent weather while enjoying the fascinating views. Amidst all the appreciation for the northern regions, we tend to miss some of the most amazing tourist attractions in mainland Pakistan.
With that in mind, here are the 7 less popular Pakistani tourism gems that should be explored in 2020:

1. Fort Nandana

fort nandana

Situated on the ridge of the eastern hill of the Khewra salt chain near Pind Dadan Khan, in Punjab, the ruins of Nandana Fort are not only a sight to behold, but are also of great historical significance. The fort operated under the royalty of the Hindu Shahi rulers until the beginning of the 11th century, but soon after, the Hindu Shahis were overthrown by Mehmood Ghaznavi. It is also the area where one of the famous Fathers of Earth Sciences, Al-Biruni, made his calculations of the circumference of the Earth. The place is also filled with panoramic views and has a wonderful and serene environment, making it one of the best places to visit for lovers of exploration.

2. Ramkot Fort

ramkot fort

Another of the lost treasures of Pakistani tourist attractions is Ramkot Fort. Located in the middle of the waters of the Jhelum river near Mangla and the Saikh village alongside the city of Dadyal in Azad Kashmir, the fort is only accessible by boat and the journey takes around 20 to 30 minutes.

According to a book written by geologist Frederick Drew, the fort was built by the Ghakhars, a clan from the Potohar region who ruled under the royalty of Zaheer-ud-Din Babar. The fort is perhaps one of the most picturesque places in the region, standing on a small hill ridge surrounded by the beautiful blue river Jhelum.

3. Chhappar Darband Road

Chhappar Darband Road

Suppose you are passionate about cycling and want to go to a hiking place that offers peace and beauty with the shovel and shows no signs of urbanization or social activity. You leave from somewhere in the twin cities, make your way from Hasan Abdal to the city of Haripur. After cleaning the town and the township of Khalabat, about 10 to 15 kilometers later, you find yourself on the most amazing, winding and windy country road which has hills on one side and the view of the beautiful Tarbela lake the other.
This place would be the Chhappar Darband road. Devoid of any development or any nearby population, Chhappar Darband Road is a beautiful avenue if you are looking for a serene driving experience.

4. Makli Hill Necropolis

Makli Hill Necropolis

The most amazing thing about Pakistani tourism is that it has something for everyone, from adventure junkies to archaeological explorers.

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Makli Hill is one of the most coveted treats for the latter. Located just 10 kilometers from the town of Thattha, the Makli necropolis is one of the largest burial sites in the world.
The region is the last resting place for various scholars, Sufis and royal emperors. The number of funeral shrines varies between 500,000 and 1 million that were built from the 14th to the 18th century.

5. Gorakh Hills

gorakh hills

Known among the natives as the hills “Murree de Sindh” Gorakh is a unique place located near the city of Dadu. The uniqueness of the area stems from its unusual nature.
Sindh is generally known to be a hot region. While Gorakh Hills are known to reach temperatures below freezing, especially during the winter season. The place also offers a magnificent view of the vast plains and the clear sky with no major civilization around, which creates an incredibly peaceful environment.
The place is particularly known for having the most amazing ambiance for a nocturnal bonfire. Although the place is known to the locals, it remains to be explored by the rest of us.

6. Neela Wahn

Neela Wahn

On the outskirts of Chakwal is a beautiful pond filled with pure blue spring water that can breathe new life into visitors. Located in the Kalar Kahar region, which is a picturesque place in itself.

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Neela Wahn is a small village which features the most amazing freshwater ponds which are coveted by many locals, especially during the summer season.
The magnificent landscape coupled with the crystal clear fresh water, make Neela Wahn a perfect place for a getaway.

7. Hingol National Park

Hingol National Park

Located along the Makran coast, Hingol National Park is a place full of landscapes that seem incredibly incredible. Although there are no signs of greenery on the spot, the unconventional architecture of the mountains, the famous Kund Malir Beach, the Princess of Hope and the Great Sphinx are just some of the views that refresh your faith in the almighty.

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Since in terms of majesty, even the most fascinating places in the world wither by comparison, Hingol National Park does not receive as much love and appreciation as it deserves. Regarding the wide variety of landscapes and landscapes, Pakistan is undoubtedly one of the most precious lands in the green land of God. From borders to coasts, every square inch of our homeland is a glaring testimony to natural beauty. For anyone who wants to be absolutely blown away by the real lure of nature, exploring Pakistan is an experience not to be missed.

8. Qila Rotas


Qila Rohtas is located in a gorge about 16 km NW of Jhelum and 7 km from Dina. Built on a hill where the small Kahan river meets another rainy stream called Parnal Khas, turning east towards Tilla Jogian Range. The fort is located approximately 300 feet above its surroundings, 2,660 feet (818 meters) above sea level and covers an area of 12.63 acres. The fort has 12 doors (four of which serve as hatches), 68 bastions, 1,900 battlements and 9,500 staircases.

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