When Uzbekistan opened its borders to travelers for the first time since March, the government committed to compensate tourists who catch Covid-19 while on vacation. Those infected with the virus within the Central Asian country could receive $ 3,000 (PKR 480,000 approx) to cover medical care costs in an Uzbek hospital.

“The government is so confident that the new security and hygiene measures across the tourism sector will protect tourists from Covid-19, that the president is ready to put money where his mouth is: if you get Covid-19 on vacation in Uzbekistan , We will compensate you”, said Tourism Ambassador.

However, the offer only applies to visitors who are part of a tour group led by a local tour guide. Uzbekistan has managed to avoid the worst coronavirus pandemic. It recorded 7,177 cases and only 20 deaths in a population of 33 million.

The country, famous for its ancient Silk Road cities, has now fully opened its borders to visitors from China, Japan, South Korea and Israel. Tourism companies in Uzbekistan were asked to sign a national certification system for safety and hygiene to increase confidence in returning visitors.

Organizations that do not meet the system’s cleanliness standards are not mandatory, but may be required to compensate coronavirus sufferers if identified as a source of infection.

While the world is constantly opening up again after the closure, other countries offer similar guarantees to lure cautious tourists back.

Cambodia has now taken the opposite route and ordered all arrivals to pay a $ 3,000 “Covid 19 deposit” upon arrival.

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