Famous vlogger Christain Betzmann visited yugo.pk premises. The team had an informal discussion with Christian where we discussed his inspirations, stay in Pakistan, travel plans and many more. Below are the answers for the questions we asked him:

What motivated you to become travel vlogger?

I’m from Germany and completed my studies at the age of 21. That was the time I saw a lot of my friends travelling around the world which excites me to travel and explore the world. I was lucky to get a job in Australia where I could travel and work at the same time.

Why you move to Australia for work rather you can work in your own country?

Germany is a great country but I wanted to come out from my comfort zone and need adventure in my life so I moved to Australia, that’s how I start travelling and travelling is part of my life now.

Are you full time vlogger?

Yes, I am. More than a vlogger I’m also interested in nature’s photography which you can see on my instagram page. Apart from that I make a lot of videos of the places where I travel and that makes me a vlogger. I’m not specifically looking for an event to capture, while on the road, on the streets I keep on capturing the moments so I can show the actual place to my audience rather than faking things up.

What’s your travel style?

My travel style is raw. I mostly cover those places which is not been discover. I am very joyful and extrovert person. I’ve been to old Lahore and engage with people over there directly. As I’ve mentioned earlier I want to show real part of the country which people loves to see in my videos.

In which hotels did you stay in Pakistan?

I have stayed in almost all kinds of hotels in Pakistan in the northern areas and Islamabad which includes the likes of Marriot and Sarena Hotel.

What brought you in Pakistan?

My friend Robinski, a French vlogger was my neighbor in Bangkok, travelled Pakistan and liked it a lot. I saw some of the videos and was inspired to visit this part of the part. To be honest I’m loving it being here in Pakistan.

For how long are you in Pakistan?

For the last 3 months almost. During which I’ve traveled to some of the beautiful places where I only see natural beauty to metropolitan like Karachi and Lahore.

What’s your next stop to travel next in Pakistan and elsewhere?

I would love to travel to Balochistan to see the beautiful land. I’m much inspired by Gwadar and would want to visit it at my earliest. Apart from that I’m also planning to travel to India next month for the Holi Festival.

How much of Pakistan have you visited so far?

What I’ve planned on visiting in this country I would say I have so far covered like 30% only. There is still a lot to see and I’m really looking forward to visit the rest of Pakistan.

Some people who’ve traveled the world compare North with Switzerland, in your reckoning how true is it?

According to the vlogger, two countries should not be compared. What’s classifies between these countries is that Switzerland have very high standard. Everything over there is super clean, and almost all the facilities are available. Over here, many things are still to be discovered, still to be build and still to be implemented. But if you ask me to compare the natural beauty, I would say both are beautiful and mind blowing.

Recently Pakistan was declared as number 1 destination to visit in 2020? What are your thoughts on this?

It is good that Pakistan listed as top destinations around the world. It is good for hikers but there is still more to do to improve tourism industry in Pakistan. You have to fix and build the entire infrastructure of tourism.

What are the top 3 things which needs immediate improvement for travelers?

If we have to list in priority than Roads to Northern Areas, Hotels standards and Local Transportation. This country needs a tourism university that needs to train people and make them understand what international standards of tourism in the West are and later need to follow the same for example a 3 star hotel in Europe and 3 star in Pakistan is poles apart.

Which food you enjoy a lot in Pakistan?

I enjoyed all kind of Pakistan foods but my most favorite is the BBQ and Biryani. I’ve tried the street food also and it tastes very good.

Do you have any plans of collaborating with Pakistani brands?

Yes, I love collaborating with brands and I am in discussion with 2-3 brands here in Pakistan, let see how it goes.

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