Magic meets beauty in the beautiful island country of the Maldives. And while your vacation in this piece of paradise will be full of sunbathing, snorkeling, diving, whale shark watching, island hopping, cycling, delicious food, surfing and paddle boarding, we also want to make sure your vacation goes smoothly without any hassles. So here is a simple guide on what not to do in the Maldives to make your trip more unforgettable!

7 Things NOT To Do In Maldives

Don’t Wear Swimwear On The Streets

Swimsuits, monokinis and bathing suit are cool, however just on your retreat’s private sea shore or in that ‘Instagram prepared’ pool your inn brags of. Nonetheless, being a preservationist nation, the inhabitants of Maldives welcome it when voyagers don’t wear their beachwear to the market or out in the open spots. It is additionally valued if the men keep their shirts on regardless of whether the sun is sweltering down their necks.

Don’t wear swimwear on the streets:

Don’t Buy Turtle Shells Or Black Coral

Turtles and black corals are endangered not only in the Maldives, but all over the world. So, technically this applies to wherever you go. While strolling on one of the many atolls in the Maldives, you may come across shady people trying to sell you turtle shells or black corals. Do you know that the sale of these products has been banned in the Maldives for over two decades. Please do not participate in this illegal and unethical sale unless you want to face harsh punishments or even prison terms.

. Don’t buy turtle shells or black coral:

Refrain From PDA

Expressions of affection are frowned upon and against the law. Although you may fall in love with the privacy of your resort walls, or better in your private villa, the locals around you may feel a little uncomfortable when you show affection in public.

Refrain from PDA


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Try Not To Anticipate That The Seaplanes Should Be On Schedule

Just do not! Despite a fixed flight schedule, the seaplanes are never on time. This is mainly due to incorrect admission and delivery times. You will only know the departure time of your seaplane when it takes off with you! It is better to take this delay into account when planning your vacation.

Try not to anticipate that the seaplanes should be on schedule

Don’t Litter In The Ocean

This is again a universal law. No matter which beach destination you visit, please do not throw away any rubbish. We have all seen pictures of seals trapped in plastic sheeting, plastic that was removed from a whale during an autopsy, and a straw stuck in the nose of a poor turtle.

Don’t litter in the ocean

Don’t Carry Alcohol Into Maldives

Carrying alcohol into the country is illegal. If you do this, you will need to declare this upon immigration and deposit the bottles with the official there. You can pick up your bottles when you leave the Maldives. Although drinking alcohol is not prohibited, bringing your own alcohol into the country is prohibited. Drinking in public areas is also a strict no. As a Muslim country, you cannot bring pork to the Maldives. You will not be served pork on any of the atolls.

Don’t carry alcohol into Maldives

Don’t Pack Shoes/ Heels!

Why pack unnecessary stilettos and boots when you only need a few flirtatious sandals or colorful flip-flops in the Maldives? The resorts are relaxed in terms of dress code, so wearing formal shoes only takes up extra space in your travel bag.

Don’t pack shoes/ heels

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