Wonderful Images of Bahrain


    Bahrain is ready to join the major Middle Eastern tourism leagues. The country is slowly investing in various sectors, including tourism. A thriving nightlife scene, expat population and high human development index in Bahrain make it ideal for Middle Eastern tourism. Bahrain is already a popular tourist destination for Saudi citizens who can easily enter the country without a visa. The expats will also enjoy Bahrain as the capital Manama offers a considerable range of nightlife, entertainment and cuisine.

    Manama Skyline

    Manama Skyline - yugo.pk

    Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Causeway

    Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Causeway - yugo.pk

    Sunset in Bahrain

    Sunset in Bahrain - yugo.pk

    Bahrain Fort

    Bahrain Fort - yugo.pk

    Traditional Dhow Boats

    Traditional Dhow Boats - yugo.pk

    Al Fateh Grand Mosque

    Al Fateh Grand Mosque - yugo.pk

    The historic Gudaibiya Mosque

    The Historic Gudaibiya Mosque - yugo.pk

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